God in a hurry




Finding out what God wants done


Getting to be normal


Struggling Through Summer


Home Again Home Again

Encouragement for Moms


A dream come true

There were some things about my life as a child that were not so good. And then there were some things that were absolutely amazing. One of those things was how much time we spent at the beach during the summer. Some summers we only went for a week or two. But other summers we […]


Wrapping up and a big getaway

We are finished with school. Friday was our last day, thank God. I had fleeting thoughts of making Lilla go a little bit longer, squeeze in a little extra work, but we couldn’t do it. She was done. And I was done. We all needed to be done. I didn’t even take Bette to her […]


A big decision

We had Bette’s end of the year conference at school, or as I like to refer to it, the big conference. In the days leading up to it, I wondered how it was going to go since her last one didn’t go so well. I was both excited about it and dreading it. Would they […]


Sweet and seven

Sweet Lilla B finally turned seven. I say finally because she has been counting down the days forever. She was so excited and so ready to leave the age of six behind her. I, on the other hand, am sort of lamenting she is not six anymore. It seems an invisible change takes place when […]


Mother’s Day at the strawberry patch

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. It was busy, but good. Of course, no Mother’s Day is complete without a gymnastics recital, which kicked off the weekend’s festivities. Lilla was so excited to show off her moves. She has been practicing in the yard for weeks. She did so great. She even had her […]


A Golden Nugget

I was standing over the stove cooking dinner. The backdoor was open. The birds were chirping. The ducks were quacking. And a warm breeze was blowing. The girls were outside playing, and it was all so peaceful and lovely and quiet. Until I hear my six year old. Her voice is raised – at her […]


The secret to true rest

  Like I said in my previous post. A good bit happened last weekend. I also cried. A lot.   I sat on the sofa Sunday night. When the weekend was finally over. And it was all said and done. And sobbed to Jay.   About how tired I am. And about how burnt out […]