Hurray For Hearing Aids

My sweet baby.
She just turned one.
And she got her first pair of hearing aids.

We were ready.
We waited for four weeks.
For her little tiny ear molds to arrive.
And we had worked through our emotions about it.
We all went to the doctor’s office.
We felt peaceful and calm.
And we were excited.
But also a little nervous.
Abby is our audiologist.
She first showed us how to use them.
And how to put them in.
And how take care of them.
Then the fitting started.
The first one went smoothly.
Bette barely seemed to notice it.
She wasn’t phased a bit.

The second one did not go as well.
Jay had to hold her tight.
Bette was really mad.
About her ear being messed with.
She quickly recovered.
And then it was time to turn them on.
We were watching closely for her reaction.
We wondered what it would be.
Would she be scared?
Would she cry?
Would she be silent?
What would she do with sound in her ears for the first time?

But Bette didn’t do any of those things.
Instead, she lit up.
With a look of wonder on her face.
She was amazed.

She checked in with Jay.
And with Abby.
She even turned to look at a few noises.
But mostly, she just took it all in.

We don’t yet know how much she can hear.
And we are still anticipating she will need implants.
And we still have a long road ahead.
But for now, we have all been given such a gift.
For Bette, it is as though she opened a beautifully wrapped box.
And inside she discovered something she didn’t know existed.
Something she didn’t even know she was missing.
And something that will be a precious treasure to her.
It is the gift of sound.
And a whole new world has begun to open up.

A whole new world has opened up for us also.
A new world in our relationship with Bette.
A world full of words and books and ideas.
A world full of music and laughter and expression.
Bette cannot yet attach meaning to those sounds.
But that will come in time.
Right now her brain is stretching itself.
It is adapting to this new, unknown sense.
And we are so thrilled.
Thrilled that Bette is beginning to hear.
Thrilled to help her in any way we can.
And thrilled that the future is so bright.
(When we picked Lilla up from school, she climbed in the car, took one look at Bette and lunged toward her. She immediately started talking to her in the sweetest voice. “Bette, you have your hearing aids. Can you now hear? Can you hear my voice? Look at your little ears. And your little hearing aids. Are they helping your ears to work?”
It was so sweet that my heart about melted right there.)

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  1. So exciting.

  2. I am Lora's mom. I've been praying for your family ever since Lora told me of Bette's hearing impairment. Praise God for His kindness and care. You have been an inspiration to me as you have expressed your trust in the Father. What wonderful plans He has for your little one.

  3. jackmike says:

    I am weeping.

  4. so awesome!!! i am so happy for her. you gotta sing to your baby girl tonight. your voice will be her first taste of music!! :)
    i love that last picture of you and her. so sweet. :) love you! lora

  5. oh my …I am crying..what a beautiful story . I can't wait to watch it all..Y'all are precious!!!
    I love your family,Susie

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