All That Matters

I am really really really trying.
To get into the Christmas spirit.
As we get closer to the big day.
It is inching in and seeping into my soul.
I just didn’t know how in the world.
We would be consistent with it.
We also didn’t visit Santa.
Or go to the Pink Pig.
Or to Christmas on Peachtree.
All of which are big traditions where we live.
I just couldn’t face the crowds.
With a squirmy baby.
When we are out and about.
But I felt that.
I should make up.
For such ba-humbugness.
To Lilla.
So I bought some gift tags at Target.
And on each I wrote the date on one side.
And then a Christmas activity on the other side.
And hung them on the girls’ little tree.
It is a very pathetic type of Advent calendar.
We started on last Sunday.
Which means we will be celebrating.
Seven whole days of Advent at our house.
But I have noticed.
That Lilla still seems to be of the age.
Where she is happy.
With whatever it is we are doing.
She doesn’t always remember.
The “traditions” that we haven’t gotten around to.
Nor does she realize.
That she might be missing out on something.
I have to remember that.
When I start to feeling the pressure.
That I should be doing more.
To make Christmas memorable.
She is happy with whatever it is.
That we are doing to celebrate Christmas.
Like going on a dinner date.
And to see the Muppets with JackMike.
Like going to get yogurt.
And then Christmas shopping with Ms. Kimbrell.
And being treated to dinner.
And smores by Coco and Mr. Craig.
And seeing the Nutcracker for the very first time.
With her best friend.
And also seeing the garden of lights.
And spending the night out with Poppop and Gigi.
As the week progresses.
And Christmas Day gets closer.
We will probably make cookies.
And do a few crafts.
We may even get it together.
And go do one of our traditions.
But probably not.
I am not holding my breath.
But we are definitely going to.
Finish wrapping our gifts.
And get the house together.
And write our letter to Santa.
And we are going to try to.
Make popcorn and hot chocolate.
Read books and play games.
And sit by the Christmas tree.
And we will hopefully one night.
Build a fire in the hearth.
And lay out our sleeping bags.
And sleep downstairs together.
Because it doesn’t matter.
What we aren’t doing.
Or what we might be.
Missing out on this Christmas.
All that matters.
Is that what we are doing.
We are doing together.
As a family.
Because that and Jesus.
Those are the reasons for the season.
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