The Not So Domestic Goddess: Our Valentine’s Day

I woke up on Valentine’s Day to find Lilla dressed and ready to celebrate. She was out of her pajamas and in her Valentine’s Day dress, ready for the festivities to begin.

The only problem was that we didn’t have a lot of festivities planned. But since she was clearly in the mood to celebrate, and because I sometimes feel guilty about the fun things she is missing because she is not in school, we packed up and went to the Y, our home away from home. I figured that in an effort to entertain all the ankle biters the child care workers would probably be doing fun Valentine’s stuff in the nursery, and I was right. Whew.

There were hearts and glitter and stickers galore at the Y, which was good thing because I was worn out from making crafts the night before with Lilla and did not think I could take any more. We made bookmarks for Jay – something useful as well as sweet – because he is always falling asleep reading and losing his place in his book and then complaining about it the next day.

We actually had quite a fun time making crafts together, because I didn’t bother with documenting our creations and posting the pictures there was no pressure associated with them. We also did not have to go to Michael’s to buy anything, which I think could  be one of the circles of hell when you have little kids with you. Instead, we used used some crap I already had on hand – decorative paper, ribbon, craft scissors – and the bookmarks turned out really well.

I did throw a little tea party after nap time for the girls. I pulled out my red dishes that I always use all the time and surrounded their plate with all the Valentine’s stuff they have sweetly received from others. The menu was uncooked s’mores, because that is all I had that was yummy and fun, and hot chocolate.

I gave the girls tin boxes with two new barrets in them which they really liked. And we sat together in the kitchen, drank our hot chocolate, overloaded on sugar, and had a marvelous time.


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