Under The Big Top

Under The Big Top


We weren’t actually under the big top. There were no tents or dirt floors or bench seating. We were in an arena, which was fine with me. The less dirt the better. But it was still the circus. And it was fabulous.

Lilla had never been before. And I had not been to the circus since I was a child. My parents took me at three years old. Afterwards, they asked me what my favorite part of the show was. I said, The rabbits. There was not one rabbit in the entire show. We still have no idea what I was talking about.

The performers were amazing. Lilla was on the edge of her seat most of the night. She also realized about half-way through that it was entirely appropriate in her enthusiasm to yell and cheer, which she did at every possible moment. The girl had a great time.

I spent part of the night studying the performers, trying to discern their outlook on life. Do they like their jobs? Are they happy? Is there some awful boss just behind the curtain screaming at them if they mess up? Do they have families? Do they stay out on the road for weeks and months? Or do they take up with each other?

I imagined all sorts of behind the scenes drama, which there probably is a good bit of.

Bette did not go with us. She cried so hard when she realized we were all leaving the house without her and she was staying behind with a sitter. But I am so glad we did not take her. The show was long and it would not have kept her attention and one of us would have spent the entire evening outside with her. Instead, we had a lovely time with Lilla and were able to focus on her  and really experience the circus. Lilla is already asking when we are going to go back!


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