A Snapshot

I don’t have a lot of really close friends. And by close friends, I mean girls who no matter how long it has been since we have talked to or seen each other, we can pick up right where we last left off.

I only have about five friends like that and most of them live in different towns that I do. Which means I don’t get to see them very often. So it is a huge treat when I get to see one of my girls.

This past weekend was kicked off on Friday with a visit from TINA who moved away recently and I miss so much! She was in town from Chicago, her new home away from home, and she graciously made the trek to my house so we could catch up, enjoy some girl time, and I could meet her new baby girl. Of course, with three little girls under the age of six running around and a brand new baby, there was a bit of chaos as we caught up. But we managed to cover everything and share about our lives, even as we served snacks, nursed babies, broke up arguments, and sent kids to time out.

We spent all of Saturday getting ready for Bette’s party.┬áThe party was so fun and uncle Haynesie and cousin Alex spent the night afterward. We brainstormed about fun games to play and discussed Spades, which is my favorite game ever, but we ended up settling for several very competitive rounds of Zingo. Everyone won a game except for Lilla, which she was not happy about.

We watched Atlas Shrugged after the ankle biters went to bed, which is such a great book. Unfortunately, the movie version was no where near as good as the book, but it did make we want to start reading The Fountainhead.

Our house guests departed early on Sunday, but not before Jay made us all chocolate chip pancakes. We then frantically got dressed and headed to church. After church, we had a picnic lunch at the park.

It was the first hot day of the spring and the girls were so thrilled to be outside and playing at the park. Bette went down the slide about 50 times. She climbed up the stairs, went down the slide, and then ran back to the stairs. She was so happy. And she then screamed when it was time to go, but what else is new?

We capped off the weekend watching the Amazing Race. We let Lilla watch it with us, because other than the commercials, which we make Lilla close her eyes for most of, the show is both innocuous and educational. We pull out our globe and look at where the teams have been and their next destination.

She loves watching the show with us and getting to stay up late. And the late night snacks we indulge in while we watch our reality TV are a nice plus too for her.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. Jessica Lalley says:

    Dear Taylor,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with Mom-To-Mom at Apostles this week. Your transparency helped the ladies in our small group see life in a “real” way. Blessing, Jessica Lalley

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